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propriety n : correct or appropriate behavior [syn: properness, correctitude] [ant: impropriety, impropriety]

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  1. correctness in behaviour and morals
  2. fitness; the quality of being appropriate


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Proper may refer to:
  • Proper (liturgy), the part of a Christian liturgy that is specific to the date within the Liturgical Year
  • Proper frame, such system of reference in which object is stationary (non moving), sometimes also called a co-moving frame
  • Proper, in heraldry, means depicted in natural colors
  • Proper or appropriate conduct
In mathematics:
  • Proper map, in topology , a property of continuous function between topological spaces, if inverse images of compact subsets are compact
  • Proper morphism, in algebraic geometry, an analogue of a proper map for algebraic varieties
  • Proper transfer function, a transfer function in control theory in which the degree of the numerator does not exceed the degree of the denominator
  • It is also used to indicate a subspace or a subset is strictly smaller than its parent—see "strict"

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propriety in French: Propre

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Atticism, admissibility, advantage, advantageousness, advisability, amenities, applicability, appositeness, appropriateness, aptitude, aptness, auspiciousness, becomingness, beneficialness, bienseance, breeding, ceremony, chargedness, chasteness, chastity, civilities, civility, clarity, classicalism, classicism, clearness, comeliness, conformity, convenance, convenience, convention, conventional usage, conventionalism, conventionality, correctitude, correctness, courtesy, criticality, crucialness, custom, decencies, decency, decorousness, decorum, defensibility, delicacy, desirability, dignity, directness, discrimination, distinction, drumhead justice, dueness, ease, elegance, elegancy, equitableness, equity, etiquette, evenhandedness, expedience, expediency, favorableness, feasibility, felicitousness, felicity, finish, fitness, fittedness, fittingness, flow, flowing periods, fluency, form, formality, fruitfulness, genteelness, gentility, give-and-take, good form, good taste, goodness, grace, gracefulness, gracility, happiness, health, justice, justifiability, justifiableness, justification, justness, lawfulness, legality, limpidity, loadedness, lucidity, mannerliness, measure for measure, meetness, modesty, mores, naturalism, naturalness, naturism, neatness, nemesis, niceness, normalcy, normality, normalness, normativeness, opportuneness, order, orderliness, pellucidity, percentage, perspicuity, plainness, poetic justice, polish, politeness, politesse, politicness, pregnancy, profit, profitability, properness, propitiousness, proprieties, protocol, prudence, pudency, pudicity, punctilio, purity, qualification, realism, refinement, regularity, relevance, respectability, restraint, retributive justice, right, righteousness, rightfulness, rightness, ripeness, ritual, rude justice, scales of justice, seasonableness, sedateness, seemliness, shame, simplicity, smoothness, social convention, social usage, straightforwardness, suitability, suitableness, summary justice, taste, tastefulness, terseness, the proprieties, timeliness, tradition, unaffectedness, urbanity, usefulness, warrantability, warrantedness, what is right, wholesomeness, wisdom, worthwhileness
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